Cafe Orient



Cafe Orient was my first stop-motion animation client and I'm happy to say it was also the beginning of a long work-friendship.


At first the aim was to revamp the Cafe's image on social media and appeal to a younger crowd.

For this I created a series of videos displaying their dish-of-the-day "Tagesteller". I also created a logo animation and designed an on-brand template to showcase and share their amazing customer reviews. This template was then also used to announce news and events!

When Cafe Orient decided to create a new concept and menu, I designed a series of stop motions focusing on their main star - their wraps.


All the stop-motion videos were shot on location (at night) after closing. 

To get a better understanding of the new style and feel I took my camera and shot a few in-action "real" photographs and videos. These could then also be utilized for their social media campaign, as well as website and google.

The name of the game in marketing is to repurpose your content into as many different types of posts as possible. As all the stop motion videos are a series of stitched together images, it only made sense to also deliver a photograph per video.


It's a pleasure to work for companies who are passionate about what they do, and an honour to illustrate beautiful and delicious food while bringing value to the table.

Customer review template with colour profile.

Videos and photographs